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HighTech / Atomic Force Microscope / Flex-FPM

Flex-FPM — FlexAFM with FluidFM add-on

he next-generation microfluidic tool for nanomanipulation and single-cell biology

Flex-FPM (FluidFM® probe microscope) combines the force sensitivity and positional accuracy of the Nanosurf FlexAFM with FluidFM® technology by Cytosurge to allow a whole range of exciting applications in single-cell biology and nanoscience.


 Key features and benefits

  Highly accurate pressure, force, and position control with optical sample access
  • Fully integrated system with user-friendly FluidFM® ARYA operator software
  • FluidFM® microfluidics control system
  • Compatible with major inverted microscope brands
  Different FluidFM® probes: hollow cantilevers designed for specific applications
  • FluidFM® micropipettes: tipless cantilevers with opening at the cantilever end
  • FluidFM® nanopipettes: cantilevers with opening at the tip apex
  • FluidFM® rapid prototyping probes: cantilevers with closed pyramidal tips, ready for FIB milling
  Pioneering research within reach
  • A tool to conduct original research at the frontiers of science